Success Driver Modeling


NEUSREL is a leading causal analysis methodology and can be used to understand how complex social systems work. Our customers use NEUSREL to assist:

Business Unit Strategy

Similar to PIMS™ (Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy) studies, we help you understand the factors critical to your business’ success. Unlike PIMS™, the UMT (Universal Multi-Target Regression) methodology unique to NEUSREL gives you increased flexibility by allowing you to analyze smaller datasets. Furthermore, the results are truly tailored to your business and come with highest predictive validity.

Strategic Positioning and Segmentation

What influences consumer perception of your brand, your products, your corporate communications? While you think of an answer, ask yourself this: can you prove it? Nobel-prize winner Clive Granger showed that only holistic models minimize the risk of drawing spurious relationships between variables of interest. NEUSREL is a framework that truly allows for the development of holistic positioning and segmentation models. Thats why we are able to better uncover true relationship between business strategy and consumer perception than with conventional methods.

Product Optimization

Product development is as costly as it is risky. Are you allocating your development resources accordingly? How do you know? Industry leaders such as Procter & Gamble develop cause and effect models to answer this exact question. NEUSREL helps you translate product test data into models that minimize development costs and maximize sales revenues.

Potential Modeling

What is your customer willing to pay? Which customers are most likely to churn and how do you prevent this? What cross-selling opportunities exist? Building potential models with NEUSREL can answer these questions, helping you increase sales and customer retention.

Satisfaction and Loyalty Modeling

Are your consumers satisfied? Your employees? Most companies survey consumer and employee satisfaction. Still, they often fail to uncover hidden insights that help boost these metrics. Get more out of your data. NEUSREL not only helps you understand drivers of satisfaction but also improves your ability to evaluate it by developing holistic measurement techniques.

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