NEUSREL Software


A Revolutionary Alternative to
LISREL, AMOS, Bayesian Nets and PLS.

Are you ready to take your Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to another level? When you perform a SEM analysis using LISREL, AMOS, Bayesia or SmartPLS, you realize that some requirements, such as the distributional assumptions, are simply and frustratingly not met. There may be significant nonlinearities in your data that these programs cannot adequately model for you, or worse:  moderating variables may be present yet go undetected, and you don’t know which ones are impacting your model! Question after unanswered question keeps coming up for you despite your thorough literature review. Don’t you deserve more success for your research efforts?

The main objective of your modeling efforts should be that you only use the knowledge and theories that you can truly substantiate. The analysis methods you use should then do the rest for you. These methods should also be flexible enough to reveal all significant nonlinearities and moderation effects in your data, some of which you may not have previously been aware of.

Now, there is a better, faster and easier way to causally model your data. It’s called NEUSREL, which stands for Nonlinear Universal Structural Relational modeling. This method is now finally available.

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