Newsletter 12/2013 – New Customers about Neusrel

Newsletter 12 / 2013

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New Customers about Neusrel

Compared to NEUSREL traditional causal modeling was inconclusive” usa-t“Dr. Buckler’s advanced Neusrel modeling enabled us to attribute and quantify which elements of our brand re-positioning drove increases in brand consideration.  The traditional linear path modelling we had used in the past were inconclusive and yielded weaker explanatory power.  Neusrel provided us the analytical confidence to advise our business partners on the most effective and efficient means for sustaining our brand momentum.”

David Feick
Ph.D. Director
Consumer Insights T-Mobile USA

NEUSREL made us understand: We are sitting on a gold mine.” audiAftersales business is contributing significant profit shares to automotive manufacturers. As such we thrive to understand what exactly makes dealers successful? There are myriads of internal beliefs about what works and what’s not. Only a few ever underwent sound success factor assessments. NEUSREL helped us building up a comprehensive research approach. We profiled nearly 2.000 dealers with over 60 success drivers and condition parameters in order to understand what causes success outcomes. Results where truly eye opening. We learned that many of those conditions we expected to be important do not matter in reality. And we also learned how to untap the sales potential of dealers. Overall we learned that we are sitting on data which are a goldmine of insights. NEUSREL Causal Analytics is the only institute I know of that is equipped with the right expertise and methodology to help us explore such useful insights.”

Marc Güntermann
Head of Service Development
After Sales AUDI AG